Our society is constantly changing. Today, the structures that make up the traditional family have expanded along with the progress of medical research and have proposed new possible patterns when it comes to forming a family. 

This change is also reflected in age, since, compared to previous decades, those who decide to become parents do so in their 30s and 40s, which, in many cases, means requiring assisted reproduction as a method to facilitate conception.

However, many are less familiar with these methods and question their effectiveness. 

But what does this alternative mean and how does it respond to the needs of our present times?

As the years go by, people who wish to become parents encounter some obstacles on their way to conception. The vitality of the gametes, whether sperm or eggs, tends to decrease over time, especially after the age of 40. This biological condition makes assisted reproduction a necessary aid for some of those people who long to carry their own children past this age.

At Clinic Babynova, we want you to make informed decisions. Therefore, if you continue reading, we will explain in detail what are the implications of assisted reproduction.

Factors other than age affecting fertility 

Age is not the only factor to consider in fertility. Even younger couples may encounter barriers due to infertility caused by disease, genetic inheritance or previous medical treatment.

Assisted reproduction not only offers the possibility of starting a family to people with complex conditions or infertility but also provides opportunities for single women and same-sex couples who have the dream of having children.

Advantages of assisted reproduction

The advantages of assisted reproduction are numerous and significant:

Disadvantages of assisted reproduction

However, there are also disadvantages to be considered:

In these changing times, assisted reproduction has become a hope for those who dream of starting a family. Thanks to technological advances and an unwavering commitment to ethics, the risks associated with these procedures have been substantially reduced.

This means that serious complications are almost non-existent, making assisted reproduction a safe path for those who wish to embrace parenthood, and one of today’s favorites options as an alternative to conception.

We guide your steps towards your ideal family

It is a journey of discovery, in which with understanding and care, the beauty and strength of gestation is revealed. That’s why it’s a powerful support to have the alternative of assisted reproduction in our world. Hand in hand with professionals and with continuous accompaniment, many couples, and people around the world can navigate this path with confidence and clarity.

At Clinic Babynova we accompany you in every step, providing not only treatments and procedures of excellence but also a service with the human warmth that characterizes us, so that your experience is pleasant and harmonious.

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