The first fertility consultation awakens many emotions, such as the joy of taking the first steps to start forming the family of your dreams. It can also generate many feelings of anxiety and anguish that could little by little begin to generate fears and insecurities.

Therefore, to inspire confidence and give you clarity in this journey, at Clinic Babynova we want to accompany you in the process and explain step by step everything you can expect at your first fertility appointment, tips, and much more.

Prepare for your first fertility consultation

The preparation for this first meeting is important for the outcome of the subsequent stages . The more medical information you can gather, the better for you. This information, especially regarding fertility, as well as special conditions and any difficulties you may have in your particular case, will be crucial for planning the next phases as efficiently as possible.

For your first consultation to be successful, we recommend that you provide the following documentation:

Information about your menstrual cycle, such as:

If you have ever lost a pregnancy:

Medical history and fertility tests:

By gathering this information in advance, you may help to expedite your consultation and allow a complete picture of your reproductive health, which is good to analyze the multiple options we can offer you at Clinic Babynova.

Meet with the doctor to discuss the details

Once you have gathered all the necessary information, it’s time for you to meet with your endocrinologist to review your medical history and together you can choose the ideal fertility treatment for you. You can discuss anything you need to discuss with your endocrinologist.

At this stage, we would like to remind you that you can take as much time as necessary and feel free to open up to your doctor. Your doctor will listen to you carefully and explain everything about any concerns you may have. In this way, it will be possible to decide on the treatment that best fits your medical profile.

If you have not undergone fertility tests before, your doctor will likely order you to undergo some before proceeding with the process. These include a semen analysis, female hormone tests, such as anti mullerian hormone (AMH) or follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), as well as an additional blood test to check fertility levels. All these exams bring more accurate information before proceeding.

Wait for your results and indications

As soon as we have your test results, we will meet with you again to thoroughly review your case and discuss together the best treatment plan for you. At this meeting, we will have the opportunity to discuss the results in detail and answer all your questions and concerns.

Once the ideal treatment for your situation has been decided, we will begin it on your next menstrual cycle. We will provide you with all the information and support necessary to make each step of the process clear and comfortable for you We help you to form your dream family.

Want to schedule your first fertility consultation? We guide you

At Clinic Babynova, we are committed to accompanying you at every stage of your journey towards motherhood and fatherhood, to be your support in facing any fear or apprehension that may arise.

Therefore, we are by your side not only throughout your medical exams but also to guide you in your decision-making so that you can count on the support of our doctors.

Would you like to schedule a first consultation or contact us for more information? Continue browsing our blog to read more about fertility and assisted reproduction, or make an appointment on our website.